Every niche is different, so we take into account all of the aspects of your target market before we build our marketing suggestions. To do this, we'll go ahead and have you complete a quick 10-minute survey that covers all of the information we'll need to create your integrated marketing plan.


Once we know all about your business, Jaeti creates a unique integrated marketing plan that not only covers your website, but your social media marketing and email marketing as well. Jaeti also offers any unique local or national business strategies that easily increase profits.


Unfortunately, there is a little bit of paperwork involved, but we try to keep it simple. We'll email you over a contract to digitally sign. However, we try to keep our contracts reasonable for both parties. Also, we'll send over any invoices necessary for your record-keeping.


A website serves as a basis for integrated marketing content so that is where we start with every plan. Depending on which package you choose, we'll offer either a quick 5 page website build or an update to your existing website. We're big advocated behind Wordpress and work to make sure all of your website data is easily accessible for you to modify in the future by yourself if need be.

Online Portal

If your business calls for it, Jaeti will create an online portal where customers can log in and access information that they might need. This varies per business, but we create online portals with different membership levels and areas of content. All of this is specialized to your business needs.


A sales funnel is the key to any good marketing plan. Which means, you'll need to evaluate how you're receiving your customers and make sure that all of your sales material is on message and brand with your current marketing. However, we'll also create unique, engaging content to entice your perfect customer to click.


To boost your sales funnel, we'll want to do some organic and paid advertising. This all depends on your market, geo and budget. However, we'll work with you to choose the most effective forms of advertising to create the best ROI and quality business leads.


A job is never done when it comes to integrated marketing, that's why you need to optimize! We offer affordable monthly plans that allow us to go in and continually create the best results for your business.