We are a group of advertising professionals who decided that it was time we take our passion to help fuel businesses. We've spent years honing our skills to market our own brands and products. Now, we want to provide our clients with a unique experience when it comes to an advertising agency. We not only provide a suite of services, we are changing the industry with a results based approach. We know that we can successfully market millions of products and want to help others do just that. But we know it isn't just one technique that makes your business successful; it's a suite of techniques. With our systemized approach, we've been able to touch all areas of your marketing to create a fully integrated approach. This integrated approach is tailor-made to each client, because we know every industry is completely different. Also, we refuse to turn our clients into just another number and forget about their project like so many advertising agencies do. We limit ourselves to taking on just one client per industry per geolocation so that we truly focus on your results. Try a different approach to your marketing by choosing Jaeti Media Group.

Meet Our CEO

Jackie Parkinson

jackiepicBorn and raised in Denver, CO, Jackie Parkinson has a background in editorial, online marketing, affiliate marketing, domain management and ecommerce. She brings her suite of skills and value for customer service to the table with every client she works with.

After interning at Nordstrom at a young age, she saw the need for customer service and how focusing on the customer truly drives business. Also, after earning a traditional marketing degree from the University of Colorado, she quickly saw that the learning was never over and worked through many online courses and YouTube videos on how to build websites, code and create an engaging online brand. She quickly saw that online marketing isn't just focusing on SEO, or just building a website and waiting for clients to show up, but creating an integrated approach that not only focus on the product, but relates it back to the customer.

By taking an approach of quality over quantity, Jackie prides herself on offering a personalized approach to all of her client projects. Also, she empathizes with the stress of the taking on an online project as she has many of her own brands that she develops as well.

Are You Interested In Working For Us?

We are always hiring for multiple positions and offer an internship program.